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Our Girls' Style Guide

Our Boys' Style Guide


This is what you’ve been waiting for: a chance to shine, be yourself and most of all...have fun!

Just remember, each senior portrait ought to have different types of looks:

  • PARENT PLEASER - This outfit is little more classic in styling, so it won't become outdates in a few years. Solid colors and clothing that isn't too revealing - shirts, bless, sweaters or blazers are classic.
  • SENIOR CHOICE - Time to make a statement about you! This outfit tells the world about you without using words. Clothing can speak volumes about who you are and what makes you unique. This is the spot to go trendy!
  • OUTDOOR LOCATION? Fall colors and earth tones look great outdoors. At the beach, there's no place to change, so consider layers ... jeans, letter jacket, a casual outfit under a dress ... things that lend themselves to quick change.